Injury Update

After my last post about my October training camp going well……..Sunday October 26th took a turn for the worst. Nearing the end of a GS training run up on the Hintertux Glacier, I had a crash which resulted in my skis popping off. I unfortunately slid over my skis and in doing so sliced my left knee open. I want to thank my team mates and coaches for their quick thinking and help as my knee was losing considerable blood and I required helicopter medical assistance to get to the hospital asap. Where I fell, the helicopter couldn’t land due to the steepness so three piste bashers were called, one of which transported me to a flatter section of the piste.



After two nights in Schwaz Hospital in the excellent care of the medical staff there, I received many internal and external stitches to a rather deep and long wound. I was extremely lucky not to do any further damage and my leg was put in a full leg length cast in order to keep it immobile.

I was allowed home back to the UK as soon as I was given the ok to fly. Last Wednesday, I had my external stitches removed and yesterday my Doctor reassured me that the wound is looking as good as it could do for this stage. I also went to my first physio appointment yesterday that was arranged at Bodybalance , Hertfordshire Sports Village. I am feeling positive about the whole injury business and now have four initial exercises to do, including learning to walk again without crutches.

I would like to thank everybody that has sent me a Get well message and their support.