Rehab and Physio

My knee is healing well and I have got a bit more movement in it now and I don't need the crutches anymore! I am so grateful to the Hertfordshire Talented Athlete Programme for putting me in touch with the great set up at Hertfordshire Sports Village with Performance Hertfordshire and Bodybalance Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.

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Ski Knee Injury

Injury Update

After my last post about my October training camp going well........Sunday October 26th took a turn for the worst. Nearing the end of a GS training run up on the Hintertux Glacier, I had a crash which resulted in my skis popping off. I unfortunately slid over my skis and in doing so sliced my left knee open. I want to thank my team mates and coaches for their quick thinking and help as my knee was losing considerable blood and I required helicopter medical assistance to get to the hospital asap.

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Makeachamp THANKS!

I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received and very generous contributions to my Makeachamp crowdfunding campaign. Many Thanks to the following people and Businesses who have helped me with their contributions and will be a big part of my ski racing journey;

Nialto Services, Tracey Dickson, Amanda Cossar, Ann Bushnell, The Fowlers, Andy Lees, Juliet Solomon, Sue Case, Kerry Turnock, Jonathon Lees, Martin Lees, Holly Stevens, Ferdinand Presso.

EDEP October Camp in Hintertux

Great to be back snow training with my team mates in Hintertux with Inspire on the European Development Excellence Programme. The hard work continues with coaches Richard Breese and Stephen Edwards.

Big Thanks to everyone supporting me this season and thanks to everyone that has clicked on to my crowd funding venture.

Loving the 2015 ATOMIC setup!

Hintertux Atomic Oct 14 Hintertux Oct14

BBC Three Counties Radio Interview

three counties radio

Many thanks to BBC Three Counties radio, Geoff Doyle and Luke Ashmead for interviewing me on their show tonight. It was great for them to invite me to speak on their show and support me by raising awareness of my Make A Champ campaign. The campaign so far has been extremely successful and has improved over that last few days to 26% with £775! Thanks everyone for the support so far including Andy Lees from New Zealand for a recent generous contribution! Much appreciated guys!

make a champ

Thank You Nialto Services!

Thank you so much to all at Nialto Services for your extremely generous contribution to my Make A Champ campaign! Your continued support is invaluable and I am so grateful. Have a look at Nialto Services who design and produce the best websites!